It’s not funny


(Don’t Look Back)

The other day whilst driving in the car with my husband and two children it was suggested I could write a book based on our experiences as a blended family and the diagnoses of a reactive attachment disorder.

My first thoughts where “hell no” who wants to write that all down, but instead I replied “The only book I could write about either or both subjects no one would want to read because without humor it would be the most boring book in the world, and let’s face it no one finds RAD funny”

RAD isn’t funny, there is nothing humorous about it at all.

Let’s go back some six years to where it all started, well in fact it is ten years but the first two years where a whole different ball game and I will maybe touch on that later.

So, 2008 the school year is coming to an end, yes, I was relieved, the school year had been what I would refer to as a poop show, one problem after another. I had quit my job as a salon manager because that was better than being let go due to the fact I was always being called out of work to go deal with one problem or another at the school.

And even when I was there my mind would be on other things like, is the phone going to ring telling me that said child has done said thing and I need to come deal said problem, or my mind would be going ten to the dozen with what they could maybe be up to.

So, the last day of the school year came with open arms and a loving heart, the only problem was we couldn’t afford for me to be a SAHM but at the same time we couldn’t afford for me not to be, if that makes any sense at all.

That last day was what I would call life changing, most say life changing in a positive way, this was like “oh my life drop me of the face of the earth now will ya”

I had been called into the school in the morning to talk with, well her official title was “school guidance counselor”

I can think of a few other choice titles.

All I remember about this meeting was my daughter aged six in first grade was in trouble again, yes again it was a regular occurrence. Acutely it was a daily occurrence and if she went a day without getting into trouble you would wonder what was wrong with her.

The words I remember were “Your daughter is tapped in the head and I suggest you take her to see a neurologist as there is nothing else we can do to help her”

How professional was that?

At the time, and in my defense of not going off on her like a crazed mad woman, I was a new mom,

Quick brief history – Recently married, new country, new culture, new mom

I married a man who had two children from his previous marriage and they were living with him, we were also living with his mom, so life was pretty adventure for want of a better word.

I was desperate to fit in and be liked, I was the stranger in town and boy didn’t I know it, small town mentality was rife.

So, for me to explode on this so-called guidance counselor just didn’t feel right, well that’s a lie it did feel right but the desperate person who wanted to be liked just couldn’t do it and so I just nodded and left the room.

Gathered my child up and headed home in a daze.

The next couple of days where spend in front of a computer trying my best to find some sort of reasoning to their behavior.

Yes, that guidance counselor had hit a nerve was she wrong in what she said “NO”

Was she wrong in how she said it “YES”

Were there problems ….. YES, big ones

Was life about to change, No, but we were about to take a new road.