World Book Day


World Book Day

I’m sitting here in my rocking chair with a hot cup of tea listening to the wind howl around the yard, my laptop is on, yes you guessed it, my lap, and I’m thinking about what I want to say this morning.

It’s my favorite place in the house if I’m honest, its where I will settle down to read or if I just need some quiet time after a crazy hectic day.

Today is world book day,(in The UK & Ireland)  I would not have known this had I not gone on to facebook.

The USA World Book Day is (according to google  April 23rd)

It got me thinking as I saw all my friends in The UK posting photos of their younger children in costumes to celebrate World Book Day at school, how blessed I’ve been where my children and reading is concerned.

When I first came into their lives neither had ever stepped foot inside a library, I was horrified they were 3 and 5.

It took a few months before we got there, but I can remember their faces when we first walked in, Sheer delight and wonder is the only way I can describe it.

From that moment on I have had Book Lovers.

I used reading as a way to calm and sooth fragile minds

If they were having a rough day I would grab a book and either pull them on my knee or settle them on their beds and read to them, as they got older I would tell them pick a book and go read in your favorite place for ten minutes, it always seemed to calm them and gave them the time they needed to gather themselves back up, I guess you could say it was a form of time-out but without the loneliness that time-out brings ( not a big fan of time out and it certainly doesn’t work with RAD kids)

I recommend it, not only does it give the child time to think it also gives them a skill

It sounds crazy, time to think while reading, but if you think about reading do you stop thinking? I don’t and I know they don’t either.

Once they had had the space they needed I would ask them about what they had read or when they were younger what pictures had they looked at, it was and still is a great tool in communicating with my children.

Today some ten years on I have amazing readers

My daughter can devours books like she is eating Mac n Cheese, sometimes going through 6-10 books a week, I have caught her reading at some very strange hours under her bed covers with a flash light just because she must finish that chapter after lights out has been and gone.

My son reads but not as much as his sister, the genre has to float his boat. But his love of books has come in a different form for him, he has for the last 6 months been volunteering at our local library, for two hours a week, why?

Because he says he loves how it feels when he walks into a library, it says it reminds him of the early days when we were first becoming a family. Which touches my heart because that tells me he has happy memories of those times.

This morning I asked them what they were both reading right now (I don’t keep track they are old enough I feel to pick a good book that is age appropriate)

My daughter tells me she has started Harry Potter (she was never really into it before, as she found the movies a bit scary, her words not mine)

My Son is reading The Bane Chronicles from the Mortal Instruments series

I am reading (for the second time) Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children, based on a story about a girl called Katie, her caseworker, her primary foster parents and her therapist. fictional characters but real events, experiences, relationships, behaviors that do occur with RAD children.

My husband … good question I have no idea but I can guess it’s something with a fantasy theme.

So, World Book Day

What are you reading?