I am originally from The United Kingdom, Born and raised in the Midlands. In 2007 I packed her bags and said goodbye to my familiar surrounds and went on a journey into the unknown.
Now based in New Hampshire USA, I am married with two children and a dog.
I lead a simple life, where sunny days are longed for and snow days are not wished for.
Some of my favorite activities, other than having my camera in my hand ..are … Monopoly, where I regularly loses, dancing, giggling and playing Band Hero

For eight years now we have been on an adventure with RAD (reactive attachment disorder)

Something I did start to write about years ago, but stopped for many reasons.

More and more recently I have found I need to get this out and down on paper, but I’m lazy so I decided to type it instead.

I sometime take photographs and sell them, I say sometimes because life is very busy and there isn’t always the desire or time to put into it as I would like.

I believe all things are possible, you just have to have the right frame of mind.